• Does Soundproof Drywall Really Work or Not?

    If you've ever had trouble with annoying noise from neighbors (or received complaints from neighbors about your voice), you may be interested in sound suppression techniques for your home. This can be achieved in a number of ways, from installing a simple double layer of drywall, to using special framing and insulation methods that reduce the rate of sound transmission to the walls. However, recently, various soundproof drywall products have become popular as a means of reducing sound transmission. They can be very effective in adding soundproofing to walls that are impractical to reshape or use other structural methods.

    There are several brands of drywall that are soundproof, but the most popular is QuietRock. Other brands include SureTeed's SilentFX and National Gypsum's SoundBreak. Some construction experts claim that QuietRock and similar products can produce sound-absorbing properties equivalent to eight standard drywall layers visit website for more information.

    Conventional drywall consists of layers or hard mineral plaster that are placed between layers of paper. This solid, dense coating is actually a pretty good sound conductor, and a soundproof wall constructed with standard drywall requires other framing adjustments, i.e. B.

    Soundproof plasterboard, including QuietRock, uses an inner layer of paris plaster, viscoelastic, and ceramic, which makes it much more durable and less able to transmit sound waves.

    current first-stage product most suitable for stand-alone installation is the 10 510 offered by the Lowes Home Improvement Center. Available in panels of 8, 9, 10, and 12 feet, these are cut and installed in the same way as traditional drywall. Other products offered by the company are:

    QuietRock EZSnap: Designed with special paper that is easy to stick and click.
    QuietRock EZSnap Mold Resistant: Uses a paperless coating that does not hold mold
    QuietRock 530: 5/8 inch thick version, used when fire resistance is required
    QuietRock 530 RF: High frequency (RF) drywall shield version, 5/8 inch thick
    QuietRock 545: The best product for commercial use such as theater and recording studios.

    Roughly speaking, this middle layer can be considered rubber, although it is more accurately defined as a viscoelastic material that dissipates energy and sound waves much better than synthetic rubber or polymers. This is a special material that combines the elasticity of rubber with thick (sticky and thick) qualities. Elastic + viscose = viscoelastic.

    Product evaluation
    Drywall, both noise suppression and conventional, is classified as a sound transmission class (STC). Higher STC values ​​mean better sound insulation. However, it is important to note that the STC rating does not apply to individual panels, but to the entire wall construction system, including surface panels. This means two layers of sound barrier, surge frame and insulation. Although soundproof gypsum board is significantly better than standard gypsum board in terms of sound transmission resistance, the real advantages can only be used if this panel is integrated into a complete wall system.

    See how QuietRock compares against traditional drywall interior walls:

    QuietRock Drywall
    QuietRock® 510 single layer 1/2-inch plasterboard wall mount, mounted vertically on each side of 2 x 4 dowels. Fiberglass tape (3 1/2 inches thick) was installed in the spike compartment. 1/2-inch drywall surewall (one layer) on each side of 2 x 4 dowels. Mineral wool insulation (3 1/2 inches thick) is built into the cavity.
    STC Rating 52 34
    Multiple layers
    QuietRock and other plaster of paris soundproof products claim that one layer provides a soundproof barrier equivalent to eight layers of standard drywall. Therefore, it is theoretically possible to achieve good sound insulation with several layers of standard drywall. However, the eight layers of wall tiles are about 4 inches thick, which creates a lot of problems:

    Increased load on walls and ceilings
    Additional price
    The container must be thrown away
    Floor space is lost
    Higher labor costs
    Higher costs for supporting materials (joints, plasterboard, etc.)
    Simply put, it is impractical to believe that several layers of standard drywall are a viable solution for upgrading soundproof walls check the website for guidelines.

    Cost and below
    Currently, the QuietRock 510 at Lowes is priced at around $ 54 per sheet of 1/2 inch plate and 4 x 8 feet thick. This compares to a traditional 1/2 inch thick sheet of drywall that sells for around $ 7.50 per panel. This means you can buy about 7 standard sheets of drywall for the price of QuietRock panels. If voice transmission is a serious problem for you, the extra cost may be worth it, especially if silence is very important to you. For example, installing a QuietRock or other form of soundproof drywall can be an excellent choice for a bedroom.

    Soundproof connection that can be used in conjunction with ordinary plasterboard or "soundproof". They are a kind of glue that absorbs vibrations and increases STC. Another way is to install sound-absorbing panels that absorb sound before they reach the wall.

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